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Coaching can help you in all areas of life. Find out more about any of the following specializatons: 

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When I first went to Laura Laine-Steffens, I was angry and not very trusting.  But she helped me see my life in a new perspective and through self examination helped me move past the confusion while redirecting my  energies and talents towards a more productive and happy future.  Now, I see only life's possibilities.   

Carrie R. Tucson, Arizona


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Network of Professional Coaches
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How Coaching Works

How Do Coaching Sessions Work?

A life coach is someone hired to help assist with setting and achieving specific goals for personal development. Sessions are recommended weekly either via telephone or in person with meetings lasting 30 – 60 minutes. Life coaches may offer guidance, help you plan, share advice, and based on goals hold you accountable. At TLC, we try to remain flexible as every life coaching situation is unique. 

Life Coaching involves an in-take session, setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time limited), and then using coaching skills create an environment for self-exploration, review of core processes, addressing blocks (if any), researching options, developing a Strategic Plan of Action, and following-up on results. 

Specific details outlining coaching sessions will change according to the objectives of each client.

I tailor my approach to your individual needs and goals. Sessions are based on a continual process of assessment, goal setting, action steps and back to assessment. You can choose to work individually or as part of a group.

Individual coaching can take place in my office, over the telephone, the comfort of your office or some other quiet place. We will decide the best meeting location during initial consultation.  Individual sessions are optimal when they are held two times a month. I’ve found that these frequencies allow us to properly track and support the realization of your plans.

Following careful self-exploration, coaching deals with an intentional change of life choices. Using S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, and time limited) goals, which I help you set for yourself, we will work towards clarity and results.  Using an Integrated Model of Coaching, resolution does not happen over night.  Some clients may desire ongoing coaching services or merely seek to address a specific situation.  But generally, we suggest clients start with a package of either four to six sessions.  At the end of that time block, we will examine the need for continued coaching. 

After initial consultation, you will be allowed to select a one session meeting, or a four or six session package.  Discounts apply when packages are purchased during initial consult.

How Does Group Coaching Work?

Group coaching is done by telephone conference. The groups are coached on a weekly basis for 50 minutes per call (40 times a year). Each group consists of people of all ages but with the same goal. The commitment is open-ended in the same manner as individual coaching. Some advantages of group coaching are the creation of a support system, deep self-awareness, a safe environment for experiments, multiple perspectives and passive learning.  Participants focus on important goals, how to achieve them and accountability. 

Groups are based on individual interest.  Currently Tucson Life Coaching is not conducting Group Coaching sessions.  Based on interest and enrollment, Group Sessions are an optional future offering.

Pricing & Policies

Rates Vary:

Basic price is $50 per hour, but we offer a sliding scale for eligible clients needing assistance, as well as special discounts and package deals.
All payments are due prior to meeting times.  Discounts are contingent on payment in full and in advance of service in order to apply.  So take advantage of these specail deals at time of scheduling session(s).

How Long Is the Process?

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